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1 Inis Meain - Front
2 Inis Meain - Front
3 Inis Meain - Front
4 Inis Meain - Restaurant
5 Inis Meain - Suite
6 Inis Meain - Front
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Inis MeƔin is the middle island of the Aran Islands, 15 miles off the west coast of Ireland. It is just 3 miles across and supports 200 inhabitants. The landscape is of terraced limestone and is unique in Europe. Drawing inspiration from the rugged Aran Island landscape, the elongated structure echoes the distinctive slabs of horizontal stone that make up so much of the island.

The suites are simple and understated in styling, with ample space and views. Each has a large open space with a hall, living area, en-suite sleeping area, exterior door and outside sitting area. A continuous window to the north of the building provides each suite with an uninterrupted view of the island and bay.
The restaurant serves good local food, prepared in the open kitchen. A ribbon window surrounding the restaurant gives the diner spectacular panoramic views of the sea and mainland.

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