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1 Digicel - Front
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2 Digicel - Front
3 Digicel - Windows
4 Digicel - Front
5 Digicel - Interior
6 Digicel - Aereal

This group of buildings is the headquarters of telecoms company, Digicel.  Located on the waterfront in Kingston, Jamaica, the complex comprises a twelve storey office building, a restaurant and a telecoms switch building.  The three white buildings sit on a red granite podium surrounded by lawns.

The office building has glazed facades, shaded from the intense sunlight by louvred screens.  The screens, or canopies, are made in three sections: the top part densely shades from the sun; the middle section is more open to allow a view out; and the bottom section is completely open to allow a clear view of the streets below and the ocean.  The intense shading protects the office spaces from solar gain while providing a naturally daylit interior.  Solar pv collectors cover all of the roofs.  On top of the office building they shade a roof terrace which has views out to sea and across the city towards the mountains.

The plain, simple forms of the restaurant and switch buildings contrast with the intricate detail of the office building, and set up a series of routes through the complex from the surrounding streets.  Colonnades of varying scale provide a means to walk around the buildings in the shade.


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