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1 CIT - Student Centre
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The Student Centre is the favoured of the three buildings because of its haphazard brief (maybe funded or not funded, connection to existing buildings and rich mixture of function, bar, student’s union, art gallery, common room, book shop) all formed about a yard with a quarter acre of roof-lit vaults for every sort of activity from hanging out to graduation.
The covered yard (internal court yard) is a sort of forum or democratic place. The ceiling is penetrated with circular vents and daylight. The floor is heated. The white and striped limestone was a ‘deal’ with a quarry in Villa Vicosa, Portugal. The oval shaped discs of sunlight traverse the floor and walls of the courtyard acting as a sort of great sundial. It’s a very special delight. Here a young student is surrounded by his student’s union, art gallery, the college radio station and most importantly, a bookshop. There are banks as well as a bar, café and common room. It is a kind of Village Square.


Civic Trust Award 2009

RIBA European Award 2007

RIAI Award for Best Educational Building 2007

AAI Award 2007

BDA Brick Award Best International Project 2006

RIAI Gold Medal 2004

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